How to Improve Your Social Media Images in 4 Easy Steps

Did you know that 90% of the information transmitted to your brain is visual?

Or that 83% of human learning is visual?

That makes incorporating imagery into your content marketing strategy more important than ever.

Not only can visuals help send a more effective message, but they also increase the strength of your brand.

Just look around you and you’ll see. Consumers have been trained to consciously and subconsciously respond to elements within visuals.

Whether it’s an Infographic, Slideshare or photo, information absorbed visually makes a message stick.

Want to pack a punch into your social media marketing? You need to incorporate visual marketing!

Below are 4 key elements you must add to your next graphic to stand out online – and don’t forget to PIN and share the Infographic at the bottom of the post!

STEP 1: Define Your Brand Colors

Be consistent with the colors you work into your graphics. Choose two to four colors that best reflect your brand’s personality. Colors are more than just visually appealing. It’s the psychology behind them that will help you craft better images. Because the reality is, color interpretation remains subjective. Your response to a specific color could be different than mine. Yet, the role it plays in purchasing and perception are significant. In a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that “People make up their minds within 90 seconds of an initial interaction with a product. And 62‐90% of that assessment is based on colors alone.”

So how can you use color to better inspire action, instill trust and encourage buying behavior?

First, you must get inside the mind of your target market. Next, take that information and look to the color wheel.

What colors are behind some of the most successful brands and how can you tap into that emotion?

  • Black conveys a message of power and authority