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About Us

Purple Cow Social's number one priority is to provide quality social media and design work at affordable prices. Your business may be new and there are a lot of overhead expenses to take care of. The cost of getting your company's social media up and running should not be a burden, but an affordable priority. 

Social Media, Marketing and Design Experts 

Purple Cow Social is an innovative and forward thinking provider of social media, design, marketing and training. We are leading the charge in ensuring that businesses are not left behind online and are, instead, using social media effectively to grow their business and their bottom line - if that’s what’s important.


Founded by Tiffany Roknian-Del Canto, Purple Cow Social is based in southern California and provides social media, design and marketing services for all of the United States. Purple Cow Social is committed to providing our clients with marketing and advertising solutions that work.


Unlike so many other marketing businesses out there, the Purple Cow Social team ACTUALLY CARE about their client’s results.


Purple Cow Social can provide Social Media Marketing and Social Media Training for our clients, depending on how hands-on you want to be with your social media campaign. There are different packages available that can focus on teaching you, doing it for you, or a combination of both.


Simply put, if you don’t want to be left behind in marketing your business effectively, you should contact the Purple Cow Social team! We'll put our name on the line to create results for you and your business.

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